Do You Get Homework In College And Find It Complex?

Quite often, students compare high school and college. Before being enrolled, they want to know how everything will look like, whether their semester or a particular course will be harder than at school. If their professor will assign one test after another, and whether it will be easier to do homework.

Do you get homework in college? It is undoubtedly one of the most popular questions to college students, and in this post, we will answer it. The first thing you should remember that at college, homework is assigned differently, and every college homework example is unique.

At school, students have the same classes every day, so usually, there are short assignments on a regular basis. However, in college, students have different classes, which means that there are days when they don’t have homework. At school, the classes start in the morning and last till 3 or 4 PM, meaning that they spend the whole day at school. 

College students have more free time and can use it not only for homework but for more pleasant activities. However, the homework itself is more difficult and challenging, and the projects are not as simple as book reviews or descriptive essays. Fortunately, not all college papers are graded: they are given as a way to master the obtained material. 

How Much Homework in College Students Have

It is impossible to give a certain answer to this question: some college homework answers take weeks to find, while others can be written during a class. The course itself also significantly impacts the size of homework.

For example, when studying a foreign language, you might have lots of shorter tasks several times a week to practice and learn new words or rules. However, if you are an art student, you might only need to complete a few projects throughout the semester.

Does college have homework? Yes, it does. But the size and frequency of these tasks significantly vary.

How Many Hours of Homework per College Credit?

Many learning centers and institutions conduct their own studies to evaluate how much homework in college students should have. Some say that each week a scholar should spend 2-3 hours on a single course. Others are sure that this time equals 6 – 9 hours. This means that, on average, college students should spend 4-5 hours studying each day apart from the time spent in the class. 

There is also an opinion that one hour of classes requires three hours of independent learning. For example, if you have spent 4 hours in the class, you’ll need to study for 12 hours to master the material.

Sounds too much? But don’t forget that this time is spent on reading, researching, and finding relevant information. If you want to find out how to stay focused on homework in college, just continue reading. We will share the best tips that will help to succeed.

How to Stay Focused on Homework in College

Is there a lot of homework in college? Not so much compared to high school, but the assignments are usually more complex and are bigger in the number of pages. And let us not forget that student life is more fun and entertaining, so there are lots of distractions.

Above we have already discussed how many hours of homework per college credit there are, and now let’s share the best tips on how to concentrate on homework when you are at college:

  • Turn off the devices. If nothing urgent is happening (for example, you are not waiting for the news from your relative in a hospital), it is better to turn off your smartphone, so it won’t distract you with notifications;
  • Use headphones. Many students share a room with others or simply don’t have a place to study on their own and might be distracted by other people and noise. Wear your headphones, switch white noise, and you’ll see a boost in performance;
  • Track time. Different applications track your usage of different websites and applications and can even block those that are not informative.

How to Get Motivated to Do Homework in College

As you already see, the average homework time for college may be longer than if you had a full-time job, and it is important to find ways to remain efficient and motivated. Here are a few extra tips that experienced students use on a regular basis:

  • Choose a calm place where you will feel calm and relaxed;
  • Set clear goals and rewards for completing your homework;.
  • Try to find interesting parts in each assignment even if it seems boring;
  • Cooperate with other students and work on the homework together;
  • Use all possible devices and applications that help with learning, reading, and researching.

If you have your own instruments on how to get motivated to do homework in college, don’t forget to share them with us. Let us create a convenient and positive environment for students worldwide!

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