Should I Do My Homework Or Sleep? That Is The Question!

It happens to all students: even the best ones. Your eyes hurt because you’ve been studying for too long without rest. Your forehead is almost lying on the table since your bed is dreaming about the bad. Your back hurts because of sitting, and you just want to have a sleep, and best of all, your homework to disappear. 

When you find yourself in this situation, you definitely wonder: should I do my homework or sleep? It doesn’t mean that you’re lazy or that you don’t like your studies. Actually, it means nothing about you, only about the stress you have because of the busy workload.

But is there some plan that you can accept to solve the problem? When is the best time to do homework without feeling exhausted? We are ready to answer your questions and these tips. 

Why Am I Too Tired to Do Homework?

First of all, it is necessary to understand why exactly do you feel too tired to do homework. There may be various reasons, and your next steps depend on them.

For example, there may be a situation when you have a voluminous pile of tasks with very strict deadlines. It is obvious that you can’t find more than 24 hours in a day, and of course, you feel very bad when doing homework at night instead of sleeping.

But there are also many students who don’t study pretty much, but they love to say they are completely exhausted. At the same time, they are always ready to go to the cinema with friends or to have a party. They just don’t like their assignments, and it is the main reason why they feel bad. 

Of course, tips for all these situations will be different, and that’s why you should understand what the best time to do homework for you is, and how you can make the overall process easier regardless of the circumstances. 

When Should I Do My Homework to Achieve Better Results?

Honestly, there is no universal answer since all students are different, and all of them have different habits, physiological features, preferences, and so on. Besides, you definitely know about dividing people into owls and larks, and they surely have different study approaches.

You need to do some experiments in order to find out what type of person you are. 

If you prefer doing homework in the morning when your brain works well and you’re not tired from the day, try to wake up earlier and work before your classes. It is a good opportunity to learn the new information you need for your lesson so that you do not have time to forget it. 

And if you’re a real sleepyhead and you value every 15 minutes of the morning sleep, this approach won’t work for you. Then you need to study in the evening, and if you are still wondering how to stay awake to do homework, it means that:

  • you don’t get enough rest at night; 
  • you lack some vitamins;
  • you consider your homework too boring.

Let’s focus on these three cases.

You Don’t Get Enough Rest at the Night

It is not so easy to live in the modern world. You face various challenges all the time despite the fact that you have a lot of opportunities to deal with them. For example, students of the 21st century may really lack sleep even if they spend in bed about 8 hours on average. What is the reason? It is all about the quality of your sleep. When you spend all your free time with a smartphone or the computer, your brain becomes too nervous, and it has no chance to relax.

If you feel problems with it, consider spending less time with your smartphone in the evening. Read the book (the paper one), walk outside, meditate.

You Lack Some Vitamins

There are vitamins that help to stay concentrated, to work productively, and to feel well. It is impossible to predict exactly what you need, so visit a doctor in order to have a consultation and find out what exactly your body lacks. It is highly recommended for students to eat vegetables and nuts, so consider your diet to work more efficiently.

Your Homework Is Too Boring

How are you expected to avoid homework fatigue if all your assignments are just very boring? Your professors want you to write essays, term papers, case studies, reviews, and many other papers that are just not interesting. 

Since you cannot just skip your home tasks without affecting your academic performance, you need to change your attitude. Try to come up with an interesting topic, ask your professor to assign you another project, work in the group. You will be surprised to find out that even the usual tasks can be very interesting with a creative approach. 

Now, when you know what affects your well-being and productivity, you won’t ask when should I do my homework, just learn more about yourself and change your routine. 

Doing Homework in Bed: Is It a Good Decision?

The whole world is working from home right now, and it can be really very convenient. But does it mean that you should spend all day long in your bed? You don’t need a desk with a chair when you can just lie and enjoy this process. 

However, doing homework in bed is a real change. Your body and brain don’t understand that you need to work. They are about to relax, and it becomes really hard to get concentrated.

So, don’t look for an answer on how to do homework in bed if you have some issues with your motivation. It is better to take care of your workplace and to ensure it is good enough for your studies.

For example, your desk and chair should be convenient. You need good lighting as well. Make sure you have all the necessary stationery by hand. And if there are some distractors, e.g., posters, flowers, toys, just get rid of them. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your room should look like the classroom. 

But you need to organize the workplace so that it has the appropriate atmosphere. It works for your clothes as well. It is almost impossible to work in pajamas because your brain keeps thinking you’re resting. Actually, that’s why many students prefer to work in coworking or libraries: they have no distractors there, and it is easier to focus on the assignments only. 

What Is the Best Time to Do Homework When You’re Absolutely Not Into It?

You may find yourself in the situation when you’re wondering how to stay up late doing homework because you don’t have another choice. The deadline is looming, and you still have no idea what to write about. To be honest, your extra-working won’t help in this situation. It is very difficult to come up with something that is really creative when you don’t have energy at all. 

To work efficiently, you need to rest efficiently — this is the key. But what should you do if your professor expects the finished homework in a day or even in several hours?

The best option is to hire a professional author and outsource your assignment. It is absolutely normal if you ask someone else for expert help when you are not able to complete the task. You shouldn’t risque your academic performance, and you definitely shouldn’t roam all night trying to write an essay you don’t want to write. 

When you’re pretending you’re a superhero, it has its consequences, and burnout will overtake you one day. Avoid this by seeking help in time.

When You Finish Your Homework, Reward Yourself!

Don’t think your homework is something your professor uses to punish you. It is one of the steps you should take on the path to your beautiful future. You should know that there is no place for development without challenges. Things should be difficult, and you’ll be really proud of yourself when you overcome them.

So, when you finish your homework, reward yourself. You can go to the cinema, buy a chocolate bar, save some money for travel, and so on. Imagine that you’re building your career, and these dreams will help you to stay afloat when things go harder. And never be too shy to ask for help since it is a perfect opportunity to have the rest you deserve and recharge yourself for new achievements!

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